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The DMS Stocktaking Module will enable a company to complete a stock count of all inventory within a warehouse or multiple warehouses by multiple location. Freezes the stock information prior to the commencement of a stocktake to allow the continuation of company operations once the stock count has been completed. Provides exception reporting to help identify stock variances for both Quantity and Dollar value by location and identifies item information mismatches by location. Can be used with the DMS import / export function to receive data from an external software Inventory Management package and once the stocktake is finalised allows the user to export a stock file to update an external Inventory software package. Allows for fixed bench scanning or operates via wireless RF (Radio Frequency) LAN (Local Area Network) or alternbatively via batch PDT's. This provides an online stock count entry capability and eliminates the need to data enter the stock count as a secondary step.

In conjunction with the DMS Inventory Mgt Modules allows ABC cycle counting to create a PI (Perpetual Inventory) environment. Provides the ability to review stock transactions to help resolve stocktake errors and reduce the time to finalise a stocktake.

The main stocktaking screen displays Inventory items by the selected criteria, Company, Warehouse, Location, Product, Brand and Range, with totals for positive value Qty stock and dollars, Negative value Qty stockand dollars and total Nett value Qty stock and dollars. The Inventory items can be sorted by Product, EAN, Warehouse and SOH (Stock On Hand) lowest to highest. It also contains the information about a selected stocktake reference.

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