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We provide Services and Technology Applications in the following areas:

Strategic Business-to-Business Development & Implementation.

Supply Chain Management Program Development & Implementation.

Business-to-Business Technology Development, Supply & Implementation.

Enterprise Best Practice in warehousing & Distribution.

Strategic Business to Business Development & Implementation

The importance of sound Business to business Strategic planning cannot be overstated. Wrong decisions, or decisions based on inappropriate policies, guidelines and planning structures or incorrect data, can have a serious, long term impact on a company's services levels it is able to provide to its customers. At the same time poor strategic planning can have a significant effect on the company's bottom line and a company can incur sever cost penalties as a result.

We have many years of experience in assisting companies to determine the most appropriate strategic planning framework for their business-to-business requirements. The experience gained in numerous Business-to-Business assignments, together with an up to date knowledge of best practice in Australia and overseas, ensures we can offer our clients the options most suitable for the company's business environment.

Our approach is based on working closely with our clients to firstly explain the principles of sound planning and get an understanding and acceptance of these principles. We then assist our clients in applying these principles and help them develop and implement a sound strategic planning process for their business-to-business development and implementation.

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Supply Chain Management Program Development & Implementation

A Supply Chain Management Program must be designed and implemented to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and market responsiveness of the whole supply chain, achieve major cost reductions in the cost of supply to the end customer whilst obtaining high levels of customer service and to unite the management of all firms in the supply chain to work together in a spirit of partnership to achieve a "Win, Win" position for all parties. The program initially involves the formation of supply chain cluster to pilot the development and prove the agreed methodology including the testing of the enabling technologies, under the guidance of an experienced Facilitator.

The critical importance of the key areas of retail and supply as an input to assist in the formulation the detailed approach, infrastructure development and implementation, cannot be under estimated. The composition of any supply chain management Pilot program must consist of the major players in the supply line to ensure the program achieves its objectives.

In the last ten years we have been commissioned as supply chain management Facilitators in a number of industry sectors, the primary one being the TCF (Textile, Clothing & Footwear) industry.

With our experience, we are able to provide practical advice in forming electronic trading relationships between retailers, manufacturers and suppliers improving profitability for all parties through sales growth, reductions in inventory and working capital, and reductions in the supply costs.

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Business-to-Business Technology Development, Supply & Implementation.

There are numerous examples today where an Enterprise has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years in pursuit of the desired business information technology outcome. A significant number of companies have failed and started again. Others have not achieved anywhere near their initial requirements. In some cases the costs have been greater than the benefits. We recognise a company's concern in this area and provide a proven methodology to ensure that the appropriate evaluation and review points are in place to enable an objective assessment of costs, benefits and progress at designated stages in a project.

IPT has been developing, supplying and implementing Electronic Trading software for over the past ten years. This is particularly so in the TCF industry, where business systems are a major issue.

The flow of accurate and timely information within a supply chain is critical. In our experience each segment in the supply chain has similar information technology issues and the ability to transfer critical information between the retailer, manufacturers and suppliers is a major issue in developing an effective supply chain and reducing significantly the cost of supply to the end customer.

We offer an Enterprise a sound background in the evaluation, development, supply and implementation of a business-to-business solution. Our Knowledge has been acquired as project managers with hands on experience implementing business-to-business systems in a number of companies in a number of industries.

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Enterprise Best Practice in warehousing & Distribution.

Many things are required to operate a successful warehousing and distribution operation. Among these, the proficiency in using advanced warehousing & distribution Methodologies, effective inventory planing, distribution and Management, efficient use of resources, capital equipment and the appropriate enabling technology to achieve the superior distribution services levels.

Enterprise best practice in warehousing & Distribution is a combination of all these elements; however focusing on any one component in isolation, will at best give you a marginal improvement and may even lead to a reduction in capability.

We provide a company with the consulting support to achieve best practice within their warehousing and distribution areas using a proven approach to achieve an overall improvement by identifying the components that are restricting the effectiveness of these areas.

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