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The DMS eDocument Module along with the eComs module allows a company to have the capability to Trade Electronically, (using any standard electronic document format), with their customer via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), the CML (Coles Myer Limited) Internet Gateway, other third party Internet gateways and Email.

The eDocument Processing Module recognises all of the standard document formats (e.g. ANSI and EDIFACT). Provides Process Status, Acknowledgements and Error logs to enable the user the check status of a Send / Receive Process, verify acknowledgements from customers and check process Errors.

The send receive process can be set up for automatic polling based on user schedules. A library of standard document formats and user defined templates enables a company to configure a electronic trading link to their customers.

Enables a company to Send and Receive electronic information (Orders, product specifications, forecasts and invoicing Data etc) formatted to the requirements of their customer or supplier. Provides the capability to link to a customer's or supplier's business computer system even though each system is not directly compatible.

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